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Honista is a uniquely designed app for Instagram with many advanced features that were the dream of every Instagramer. Now there is no need to carry & manage additional apps for your Insta account. Because this simple but very powerful version of Insta will do all the things for you that you wanna do on the platform.thopetv
It will help you with content downloading from Insta and many unique features that are not offered on the official app. Open & view the profiles of others and stay anonymous with the unique anonymity features of the Honista app. watchwrestling

Why Choose Honista?

Instagram has become the most loved platform for social sharing and global communication. Therefore millions of people head to this platform each day for entertainment, socializing, and communication. But every Instagram user still wishes to have some features on Insta which are restricted by the platform.Here third-party apps come into play to break those limitation barriers. There are plenty of rejigged apps and versions for Insta to boost the Instagram experience of users. Here Honista comes as the top trending name that is gaining huge popularity in no time. It offers advanced privacy, anonymity features, media download, and all other features that one can dream to have on Insta. All these offerings make it a perfect choice for every Instagram user. Download GB WhatsApp  is an enhanced version of WhatsApp.base apk


A Fortress for Your Privacy

This app will take your Instagram privacy to the next level with a strong privacy fortress. Its Ghost mode, incognito browsing, chat privacy options, and advanced privacy settings will convert your app into a privacy Fortress.

Advanced Privacy Settings

Its advanced privacy tool kit is just brilliant to give 100% privacy satisfaction. Your data is all the way protected and the anti-ban asset keeps your account safe. You can change the app icon to keep intruders away from your App. Moreover, you can set conversation locks and enjoy the luxury of GB features in chats.

Ghost Mode

Honista comes with Ghost Mode for ultimate privacy lovers. This mode will allow you to browse on Insta without showing your online presence, device IP, and Insta identity. It means you will enjoy 100% anonymity with this incognito Ghost mode. 

Customization Galore

Enter the world of unleashed customization with the Honista Latest Version. This app allows its loved users to change the interface and all other settings. One can customize the app according to his/her own preference for convenient socializing.

Unlocking a Toolbox of Professional Tools

Now you are set to use an advanced toolkit of professional tools for your Instagram with this app. There was a time when users have to download and use video downloaders and other apps for Instagram. But now it's time to leave all those tasks on a single app. It will do all tasks from media downloading to text copying and much more.

Manage & Filter Ads

Honista gives you 100% control over ads that appear to you. You can remove all sponsored ads or can manage them for different posts and pages. It comes with an anti-ad feature and you can enable this feature for different pages and content creators. Moreover, you can go on to limit all ads by applying anti-ad for overall Instagram pages and posts.

Filter & Manage Posts

Take complete control of what you see on Insta. You can remove or manage different posts & page suggestions. The app also allows you to remove certain posts and pages from your news feeds. Moreover, you can control posts in your news feed by filtering them according to category and type. For an instant, you can remove all those posts from your news feed that contain videos. You can also remove all image posts from your news feeds. Moreover, you can limit certain influencers and content creators.

Efficient Internet Consumption

Finding it difficult to manage data usage with Instagram? Try the efficient data consumption feature of this app. This rejigged app will consume minimum data with smart news feed management. You can keep high data-consuming videos away from your feeds and save a lot of data.

Media Downloading

The official Instagram app does not allow any sort of content downloading to Insta users. But now it's time to overcome this limitation with Honista. It will allow all sorts of media downloads as you can download videos, photos, profile pics, and other content.

Next-level Personalization

This app comes with next-level personalization galore. You can customize all your settings & features according to your preferences. Personalize ad settings, posts, data consumption, and all other features and enjoy a no-stop socializing thrill.

Safeguarding Your Settings

Never lose your personalization, customization, and other settings with this app. This app cares about users' preferences and keeps all preferred settings safe. Whether you switch to another phone or reinstall the app, all your customization and settings will be restored when you log in again to your account.

 Advanced User Control

Your news feed your choices, and Honista allows you to go with personalized settings with advanced user control. It gives you full control of your news feed and interface customization.

App Icon of Your Choice

Now it's up to you to select any icon for your Insta. You can change the app icon and replace it with any icon from your gallery. Try a clock, football, calculator, or any other icon to keep your app hidden from intruders.

Customize Chat Icons

You can also customize and manage icons in your chats. This app allows you to try different avatars and icons for your chats. Moreover, you can try icon customization for hidden chats and hide different chats icons as well.

Notification Management

Now you can take control of all your chat and other notification with the smart notification manager of this app. This app allows you to show or hide notifications for your Insta conversations. Moreover, you can hide notifications of only hidden chats and keep receiving all other notifications.

Enhanced Privacy with Ease

Protect conversations by setting a PIN code or fingerprint lock, ensuring your messages stay confidential and accessible only to you for added peace of mind.

Total Chat Control

Toggle the visibility of hidden conversations when unlocking the chat list, giving you complete discretion over your private interactions without any hassle.

Unwavering App Security

Safeguard the entire application with a robust password or fingerprint lock, ensuring unauthorized access is thwarted and your data remains protected at all times.

Smart Auto-Lock Feature

Set the application to lock automatically after a specified time interval, reinforcing security by preventing accidental exposure when left unattended.

Discreet App Lock Icon

Choose to display or hide the app lock icon in the toolbar, maintaining a low profile while ensuring your privacy measures stay intact.

Story Sneak Peek

View stories without triggering a 'seen' status, enabling you to enjoy content discreetly without alerting the poster of your engagement.

Message Reading Privacy

Read messages within conversations without triggering the 'read' notification, giving you the freedom to gather information without revealing your presence.

Ghost Mode in Live Broadcasts

Participate in live broadcasts incognito, your name won't appear in the viewer list, and the viewer count remains unchanged, allowing you to observe discreetly.

Manual Visual Adaptation

Tailor your experience with manual toggling of the night or dark mode, optimizing visibility according to your surroundings and preferences for enhanced comfort.

50+ Theme Colors

Unlock a palette of over 50 dynamic colors with the Theme feature, revolutionizing your app's appearance to align with your ever-changing mood or style.

Conversation Backgrounds

Elevate conversations by applying a personalized background to all chats at once, infusing your communication with a cohesive touch that resonates with your identity.

10+ Emoji Styles

Select from a rich array of more than 10 conversation emoji styles, infusing each interaction with flair and emotion, and adding depth to your online dialogues.

Explore Diverse Array of Fonts

Infuse fresh energy into the app by introducing new fonts across the interface, allowing you to personalize your Honista experience and set it apart from the crowd.

Storytelling Redefined

Seamlessly customize story fonts, ensuring your narratives are not only engaging but also visually aligned with your narrative style, offering an immersive journey for your audience.

Playback Integration

Enjoy videos seamlessly with the mobile player integration in Honista. Open videos using your device's native player, optimizing playback quality and offering a consistent viewing experience.

Elevated Social Sharing

Download post covers effortlessly to enhance your social media presence. The cover, when shared on social platforms, captures attention with compelling visuals, amplifying your content's impact.

Complete Content Replication

Reposting content is made comprehensive and effortless with Honista. Share entire posts, including images, captions, and details, ensuring your audience engages with the full context.

Instant Caption Copying

Simplify post sharing by copying captions directly from Honista. Preserve the original context effortlessly, making resharing content seamless and maintaining meaningful interactions.

Insightful Account Exploration

Dive deeper into content creators' profiles by viewing their profile pictures. You can even download these images to establish a personalized connection and remember memorable interactions.

Optimized Image Upload

Seamlessly upload images at their lowest quality, striking a balance between efficient sharing and conserving data usage without compromising the visual essence.

Efficient Video Download

Conserve data while enjoying multimedia by downloading videos at their lowest quality, maximizing efficiency without sacrificing content enjoyment and engagement.

How to Download Honista

This app is neither on Play Store nor any other official app store so this website is the only way to get this app. Tap the Download button as we have the direct download button to get a 100% secure Apk file.

How to Install Honista?

Our Honista Apk file is 100% secure and you can easily install it on your Android.
  • Open the device setting after downloading the Apk file for this awesome app.
  • Now navigate to the security bar and allows mandatory permission for Unknown Sources.
  • Open the apk file and just tap on the “Install” button to enter the anonymous Insta experience with Honista.

How to Update Honista?

There are two simple ways to keep your app updated. The first one is updating the app within the app. For this method:
  • Open the app Settings from the top-right toolbar.
  • Navigate to the settings and find the “About Honista” option.
  • Now find the “Check for a new update”, option and click on it.
If there is any update available you will find it soon. Moreover, you can also set update alerts for the latest version and feature updates.Secondly, you can also update the app by directly visiting this website and checking out the new version updates.


How do I ensure my conversations remain private in Honista?
You can set PIN codes, fingerprints, or passwords to lock conversations, offering enhanced privacy and control over who accesses your chats.
Can I customize the app’s appearance in Honista?
Absolutely, you can choose from a variety of themes, fonts, colors, and emojis to personalize your Honista experience to your liking.
How can I browse stories and live broadcasts without being seen?
The Ghost Mode of this socializing app allows you to view stories and participate in live broadcasts anonymously.
Can I manage my data usage while using Honista?
Yes, you can switch to low quality for your video downloads and photo uploads. Moreover, you can switch off video posts to minimize your data consumption in Insta feeds.


Honista emerges as a trailblazing application that caters to the diverse needs of modern social media users. Its features are ranging from privacy settings to powerful controls. The data consumption control & content customization are also awesome assets. The unique blend of features makes this a great social media asset to take your Instagram experience to the next level.